Wednesday, July 11, 2007

True Love

I can remember watching mothers and their children eat and drink after each other and think: oh nasty I would not do that! I am an extreme germ phobe and I will not drink after other people and that sort of thing(even family...I just think it is disgusting). Well, all of those rules flew out the window when I had Morgan (flesh of my flesh). I knew it was true love tonight when she sneezed in the chicken salad that we were eating (Mrs. Stratton's Gold) after Bible study...we just continued to eat it with our wheat thins in hand. Also, tonight she decided to plant one on her momma! GRACE...unmerited favor! I don't normally get a free kiss from her...I usually have to steal my sugars! She planted one on me and the Lord knew how I would love that sweet surprise!
The Lord is also working a word in me that I am going to share tomorrow...but for now I have had a long day!!

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