Friday, July 27, 2007

No she didn't!

Zech 2:8
8 For this is what the LORD Almighty says: "After he has honored me and has sent me against the nations that have plundered you-- for whoever touches you touches the apple of his eye--

Yesterday, I went early to pick up Morgan from Mothers Day Out. I could not decide if I was going to enroll her or not again in this particular program. Well, yesterday solidified my decision not to. I walked in about an hour early and I saw the teacher rip my child by the arm back into the room (when I say rip...I mean JERK her by the arm). Then I heard her speak in a very ugly voice saying, "Chill out Morgan!" Morgan wanted her bag and it was 12:15 and they had not fed her yet. When I saw what I saw...I was stunned. I knew that I did not have peace about her being there for a reason. I was having a dialogue moment with the Lord during the next few minutes...asking Him in my Spirit if I really just saw what I saw?!?!? Oh yes. I was completely furious. If you mess with my child (my sweet two year old child) you mess with the apple of my eye. I had to get out of that place as fast as I could. I told Morgan (even though she has no clue what I was talking about) how she would not set foot back in that place...over my dead body...and that her mother was furious!!!
This was a time where I wished she could talk. If I had stayed longer, my flesh would have taken over and I would have punched her (the teacher) out. ;)
I have to believe that the Lord feels the same way about us...if you mess with His kids you are messing with Him!
It is so funny even how nature is wired. We went to the park two days ago and Morgan began to try to pick up the baby ducks. The momma duck hissed at me and her. I was getting pretty scared of the hissing ducks as I am not an animal person...we soon left. I had a rooster that attacked me for years in my own yard...spurring me in the back. I was mortified for years over Sugar. That thing was possessed. I still haven't gotten over that nasty rooster.


Faith said...

Ohhh I am so sorry your darling was getting mistreated! Glad you at least saw it though so you knew not to send her back there again! I love the image of God feeling that same way about us. What an awesome Abba!

Heather said...

Girl I hope you called the MMO program and gave them a piece of your mind ... that is just NOT right under ANY circumstance. The MMO programs here have such loving teachers. I just cannot believe that she would do that! I'm glad you caught her in the act. Something needs to be said to that teacher. You just do not treat a child in such a way! Give sweet morgan a kiss.

pinkmommy said...

Thank God He led you to pick her up early! So sorry that happened, but so happy you caught it before she was in there for too long!

Anonymous said...

Please tell me what program she was in so that I don't enroll Ella in the same one! That makes me upset as I sit and read this!

Mandy Hartman

Emily said...

i am so sorry about what happened to your daughter! i am starting a job as a preschool assistant next year and i cannot imagine treating someone's child like that, it breaks my heart.this evening i had a weird situation occur that left me feeling insecure concerning somthing very dear to me. it involved the actions of another and i really needed that reminder that i am the apple of His eye.
Thanks :)

Teri said...

Wow, Jenny, I am impressed on many levels. I probably wouldn't have been able to stay in the Spirit, I would have been fleshing out all over the place!

I am impressed by God and His timing. To have you be there at the exact time you needed to to see that...He is always looking out for us!

connorcolesmom said...

God is good how He confirms our intuitions. You were unsure and He revealed that Morgan's teacher is not taking care of her the way she should. I agree with Heather - you need to call the MMO Director and explain what you saw and then tell her that you will be withdrawing Morgan from the program.
I would recommend Riverchase United Methodist Church's program. It is wonderful and the teachers are amazing. Connor went from 2-4 (when we moved) He had Miss Linda Gilbert (3yr old class on T/Th mornings)
Much love siesta,