Friday, July 20, 2007

The little things...

It really is the little things that cause problems in marriage. It is so easy to have little habits that annoy one another. Well, I could name some of Rod's for ya but I will save that. I am not writing to complain but to share a funny story. I put the D in drama....but Rod can be a drama king (little "k"). Before I could put the cap on the toothpaste he was trying to get on to me about leaving it off. He then tried to scare me into putting the cap on by saying that bugs will crawl into my toothpaste. Little hidden bugs he says. I told him that it was a good thing that I don't swallow toothpaste! It is so funny because he knows that is what it would probably take for me to put the cap on since I am the germ phobe! I did research to see if he was right and he was making that load of junk up!


Teri said...

How Funny! I totally think you have been up WAY too LONG! I hope those glamour shots work out for ya! And I LOVE Napoleon! He rocks!

twinkle said...

I think it's so funny what "disgusts" a man! I know you've said your "soul mate" hunts and guts deer. I'll bet nothing about that makes him feel creepy! But leaving the cap off toothpaste? Too funny! Aren't they cute when they're all icky about stuff?!?
Just say "yes, dear" and remember how good they are at killin' spiders!