Friday, July 20, 2007


I am taking Morgan to get some glamour shots (by Deb) this morning. If you have not seen Napolean Dynamite: FORGET ABOUT IT! I walked right into some $10 deal on pics. I hope it wasn't a scam :). I felt sorry for the old man that was asking me to make an appointment...he took my check up front. I was ok since it was only $10. I will let you know if I show up to no portrait studio! Oh well, at least we will be looking cute even if its a scam-o-la!


sammie said...

I was reading the D C Pledge this morning and wanted to tell you that you have a ministry right here on this blog. It is quite refreshing to see your faith displayed here on a daily basis. When you are out in it everyday it gets you down and its great to see your comments of continuous turning back to Him.

jennyhope said...

Sammie! you really need to get your blog rolling! :) no but thank you for your sweet encouragement! did you say you lost a child to? If so I am so so sorry! I can't wait for you to get your blog going!!!

Jeremy & Heather said...

How did the shots go? Did you like the way they turned out?